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IT Industry News for the Week of April 21st, 2014

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 14:04 PM

AT&T Eyeing Chicago to Bring Fiber Network

AT&T is trying to keep up with Google and is considering providing broadband Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second to its U-verse customer in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. Currently, AT&T is providing fiber service to customers in and around the Austin, TX area and want to reach over 100 cities.

Before AT&T can begin to install fiber, they have to meet with local leaders of
each city and reach an agreement.

Read the complete article from Chicago Tribune, “AT&T looks to expand high-speed fiber
network to Chicago, others”

A ‘Green” Chemistry Plant Could Be Coming to Minnesota Soon

Segetis, a technology-enabled green chemistry company that produces versatile chemical building blocks, wants to build a facility in Hoyt Lakes. The company focuses on making chemicals out of corn sugar and using it for manufacturing plastics and cleaning products. 

The $105 million dollar project would bring employment and would take around two years to build. While Segetis is looking to invest $74 million into the project, the rest of the money will have to be financed or thru grant programs. 

Read the complete article from Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, “Segetis plans $105M ‘green’ chemistry plant in Minnesota.”

Could Apple and Nike Team Up?

Just last week, Nike laid off many on the team that was responsible for the FuelBand and
announced it would not continue to update the line. Nike had planned to release a new, thinner FuelBand sometime in the fall, but the company said those plans have been canceled and won’t say when a new one will be out. Yet, with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, spotted wearing Nike’s FuelBand at recent sporting events, it has led to a lot of speculation that a potential partnership.

Read the complete article from CNN Tech, “Is an Apple-Nike partnership on the way?”

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The Future of Technology: Cool and A Little Bit Scary!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 @ 11:04 AM

Think back to how much technology has evolved in the last 30 years. The development and main streaming of computers, internet, cell phones, GPS, televisions, DVD players, etc. has shaped the way we live and interact with others. It got us thinking about what technology will be like in the next 100 years and boy are theories flying around –some very interesting, and some that are downright scary to think about! Here are a few ideas that are either in the works or that many technology experts predict will be developed which will, once again, drastically change the way of life for everyone.

Self-Driving Cars

This is happening already. Google has a driverless car project currently in progress and they are testing cars out on the road. Even though Google has no plans to commercially develop the system, it is believed that by 2025, driverless cars will be the norm.  As a matter of fact, 4 states have already approved the operation of autonomous cars; but, some still require a human to be in the car.

According to CNN Money, Nissan says it will offer a driverless car by 2020, while the Audi A7 is currently developing a “traffic jam assistant” which will allow the car to travel up to 40 mph in heavy traffic without assistance from the driver. That feature, in particular, focuses more on a “piloted” driving car than a driverless car.

Other car executives want “autonomous” or “assisted” cars to be developed. Either way, it is clear that the way we drive will be changed dramatically. Some technology experts are predicting that by 2030, all cars on traveling on major roads will be under control of satellite and roadside control. 

Advanced Robots

While robots are already being widely used in manufacturing, warehouses, and laboratories, the use of robots is predicted to increase dramatically over the next few years. We currently have robotic vacuum cleaners and surgical robots. Now, add in the fact that technology is rapidly increasing the power of microprocessors and artificial techniques. This will result in
robots increasing their potential as flexible automation tools. It is predicted that robots will take over most service industry jobs such as fast food service, housecleaning, and retail sales by 2030. Consequently, it is also predicted that by 2055, more than 50% of Americans could be unemployed by robots.

In addition, the future of the military may look like something out of a present day movie! Robots may be used in warfare or “super soldier” may be created who could be deployed anywhere in the world within hours and remain in the field for extended periods of time. Their bodies and performance could potentially be enhanced through nanosensors that constantly
monitor their medical status, embedded nanoneedles that release drugs when needed, and possibly even nanorobots that can quickly heal wounds in the field.

Virtual Animals

It all started with the Tamagotchi in the 90’s. Do you remember the small keychain computer kids were dying to have so that they could have a “pretend” pet that needed to be fed, walked, and cared for? Well, that was only the beginning. Currently, solid objects can be digitized by laser scanning them and a 3-D model can be made. Soon, you will be able to input the
pet’s basic personality and actions, and potentially recreate a deceased pet. Advancing from that, there will be full blown artificial intelligence driven robots that will be almost undistinguishable from the real thing.

Wireless Recharging

How great is the thought of not having a drawer full of tangled, unused and out dated chargers?! Instead, you would be able to simply put your device on top of another device –and the first consumer products might be debuting sometime this year! This product will focus on charging smartphones and maybe even laptops.

Within the next 20 years, wireless charging stations will be at restaurants, airports, coffee shops, bars, you name it. But, wireless charging won’t stop there. Kitchen appliances will be powered by the kitchen counter and big appliances such as refrigerators will utilize wireless charging, thus cutting down on production costs and eliminating power converters.

Universal Translator

No longer will people struggle in school to learn a second language or face a language barrier while traveling to foreign countries. According to InfoWorld, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other technology companies are working on a device that will be known as a universal translator – something reminiscent of “Star Trek.”  The handheld device will be an accurate, real time translator that will convert live conversations instantly and correctly.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is already starting to appear in the tech world. For those who still don’t fully understand what augmented reality is, let me explain... According to Total Immersion, augmented reality can be defined as the integration of digital information with live video and the user's environment in real time. Devices used for augmented reality are commonly those
of a computer, a camera, a processor and a screen. Augmented reality recognizes a visual picture or film, blends new information, and displays the virtual result.

In the next 50 years, augmented reality will be just as common as Skype or Face Time – just way better! There will be virtual fitting rooms for online shopping; corporations will use it as a marketing tool to make segmented reality games; GPS will be forever changed by being able to display an enhance real time map that shows everything from restaurants to grocery stores; schools will use it to recreate historical events; activate books into 3D images; and present structures of the galaxy in real time. Also, soldiers (if any are still around) will use it to
have detailed, 3D maps and doctors will be able to perform surgeries from across the world!

Do you agree with these predictions? What are your predictions for the future of technology?

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Ask a York Recruiter- The Resume Conundrum

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Apr 8, 2014 @ 14:04 PM

Grab your resume. Set a timer for six seconds. Start the timer and read your resume until the timer goes off. What stuck out from your resume? Were you even able to interpret much from those six seconds? Well, according to many recruiters and hiring managers, on average, they spend six seconds skimming a resume. Yes, you read that right. Six seconds! We wanted to find out if this is true and discover what recruiters look for on a resume. So, we asked a few York recruiters and you might be surprised by what they told us. 

6 Seconds is Not Enough Time to Review a Resume

“I feel like I can get a pretty good gauge on whether or not a person would be a good fit, but of course you need to spend more than 6 seconds looking at the resume,” said Corey Johnson, Manager of Consulting Services at York Solutions. “Things I look for in order to gauge fit are
relevant past experience, experience at large, reputable companies, and long-term engagements versus short 2-3 month contract positions.”

Noel Novacek, Manager of Consulting Services at York Solutions, also agrees that he takes way
longer than six seconds. So, that is a sigh of relief that your resume is getting a decent amount of time being reviewed.

Resume Format is Key

Both Noel and Corey agreed that if a resume has a “clean” look and is organized, this tells the recruiters that the candidate is an organized, detail-oriented person which is an essential quality in an IT professional. It is also recommended that a candidate does not use smaller than 11 point font or a font that is too fancy.

Do Not Use Third Person and Keep the Personal Details to a Minimum

It is a quick way to get your resume thrown to the side. Also, leave out the overly personal information. For example, our recruiters occasionally get resumes that share too much detail
about a candidate’s life. While recruiters definitely enjoy learning more about
who a candidate is, it might be best to save those details for the
interview.  Those extra details may make take away valuable space on your resume where you could be sharing additional professional achievements which are most important to hiring managers.

Triple Check Spelling and Grammar

If you keep your resume professional, free of errors, concise, and relevant to the job to which you are applying, you will greatly increase your chances of your resume standing out which might just lead to a job interview. So, once again, attention to detail is key!

What do you think is most important for an IT professional’s resume?

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See York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Apr 3, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

Position: Enterprise Principal Architect

A client is looking for an Enterprise Principal Architect for a 6-9 month contract in St. Paul, MN. Candidate will be responsible for technical and architectural leadership, establish and maintain a trusted advisor relationship with IT and business leaders, and conduct studies on the latest technology developments. This person must have at least 5 years of experience in a midsize or large corporation supporting multiple lines of business with global presence, 3 years of experience leading development enterprise systems integrations strategies, and at least 10 years of experience in at least three of the following: EAI, ETL, ESB, SOA, Web services, B2B
integration, EDI, and/or message brokers.

This position was posted on 3/31/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Data Architect

A client in Hopkins, MN is looking for a Data Architect with experience in data analysis, data profiling, data integration, and data quality. This person will be responsible for defining, analyzing, review architecture and technical requirements, as well as recommend DBMS and ETL tools and technologies for structured and unstructured content. Candidate must have at
least 12 years of experience in software development and database application with the majority of experience in data strategy, souring, modeling, integration, and architecture.

This position was posted on 3/31/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Systems/Data Analyst

A client in Hopkins, MN is seeking a Systems Analyst II for a 6-9 month contract. This person will possess a general understanding of the technologies and applications supporting business and will research complex data, process, and integration issues.  Candidate will need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (or degree in related field or equivalent work
experience) and have experience with client server and thin-client application support.

This position was posted on 4/1/2014. Click Here
for more details!

Position: Information Architect

One of our clients in Minneapolis, MN, is looking for an Information Architect who will provide data strategy and governance oversight for a focused portion of the client’s information architecture. This person must have working knowledge of core elements of “Open Web” framework, proven experience with designing and developing mobile apps for iOS and/or Android, and web application with Rich User Interface.   

This position was posted on 4/1/2014. Click Here for more details!


Interested? View all of our open IT contract positions by visiting our Job Seekers page!

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We Won’t be Hacked: Top 10 IT Security Myths

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Apr 1, 2014 @ 13:04 PM

Security breaches happen every day. Some are as small as a person disputing a $50 fraudulent charge on a card to huge security breaches, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, that resulted in 26 million veterans, active-duty, military personnel, and spouses information being compromised. With IT security being a hot topic and consistent news story in the media, we decided to take a look at some of the top IT myths and how to combat them.

Myth 1: We won’t be hacked

No matter what type of security system businesses have in place, there is always a possibility for a breach. Face the business responsibility to confront security-related requests and make use of a security classification framework. 

Myth 2: We have physical security (or SSL) so you know your data is safe

This myth is associated with not understanding the risk. Ensure that security purchases match data requirements.

Myth 3: Regular expiration strengthens password systems

Research shows that having regular password expiration may not be useful and that it should be done randomly. Although, stopping passwords from being hacked completely might not be possible, this is at least one way to try and prevent it.

Myth 4: Moving the CISO outside of IT will automatically ensure good security

Moving the services won’t stop a company from being hacked. They need to find the area of weakness in their security programs.

Myth 5: Adhering to security practices is the CISO’s problem

Passing off the problem to another business unit won’t solve the issue either. A company should build an information security program around their culture.

Myth 6: Cyber security is a technical issue for which executive level business management has little or no ability to contribute

Even though this statement might not be said, this is implied thru behaviour. It is management’s responsibility to define a security policy for the overall organization and that requires management to accurately understand what is needed in a security plan.

Myth 7: IT is, and should be, responsible for cyber security

Yes, IT is responsible for enforcing, preventing, and/or detecting behaviours defined by the company’s security policy. Yet, IT should not be making decisions about who should or shouldn’t be able to access information. That comes down to the myth above-- management.

Myth 8: Being compliant makes us secure

Just because a company passes a compliance audit does not ensure that one is properly secure. It only means that the requirements for a particular regulation or compliance have been met. A company could be overspending to meet the requirements and still not be secure. Businesses should focus on improving their security while still meeting the standards.  

Myth 9: Any computer virus will produce a visible symptom on the screen

Many people think that a computer with a virus will start acting up. Not always the case. A computer can run fine and still have malware on it. The only way to know 100% is by having the device scanned regularly.

Myth 10:  We have a firewall on our network, of course we’re protected!

Just having a properly configured firewall will not protect anyone against malicious content encapsulated over an SSL connection.


While being protected from all security attacks might not be possible, understanding of risk and having a thorough security policy that is implemented and regularly changed to keep up with new threats will greatly reduce your chances of being attacked.


What IT security myths have you heard?






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Take a Peek at York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Mar 27, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

Position: Infrastructure Architect

A client is looking for an Infrastructure Architect for a 1 year contract in Minneapolis, MN. Candidate will need a strong conceptual understanding of operating system architectures such as Unix/Linux, Windows and iSeries. Candidate must also know storage technologies, SAP architecture and have strong capabilities in architecture strategy, planning, and design.

This position was posted on 3/24/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: DB2 DBA Contract Position

A client in St. Paul, MN is looking for a DB2 DBA with experience in Shell/Perl scripting, database high availability technologies, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and at least 3 years providing Database administration support for the DB2 LUW and/or DB2 z/OS database environment. This person will be responsible for implementation of relational databases at an enterprise level, diagnosing of problems and resolution for application software, and maintenance of physical integrity of all production databases.

This position was posted on 3/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: SAP QM

A client in St. Paul, MN is seeking a SAP Quality Management for a 9+ month contract. This person will be focusing on deployments and needs to have production execution experience. Candidate will need to have several years of experience dedicated to SAP QM and preferably be SAP QM certified.

This position was posted on 3/26/2014. Click Here for more details!


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Look at York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 @ 12:03 PM

Position: System Analyst II

A client is looking for a System Analyst II for a contract to hire position located in Minnetonka, MN. Candidate will need a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related work experience and at least 5 years of experience in Systems Analysis. Person must have experience with client server, strong SQL skills, experience in UNIX/LINUX, and ability to
perform application installation in UNIX/LINUX. 

This position was posted on 3/17/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Support or Production Support Analyst

A client in Maple Grove, MN is looking for a production support analyst with experience in system administration, network administration/troubleshooting, database administration, mobile technologies, thin client configurations, and application virtualization. This person will
provide technical support for online systems via phone and troubleshoot technical issues reported by customers. This is a contract to hire position.  

This position was posted on 3/17/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Mainframe Security

A healthcare client in Eagan, MN is seeking a Mainframe Security specialist for a contract to hire position. This person will be responsible for daily audit reports, mainframe programmers, securing for new utilities, building new roles for business lines, and setting up new system

This position was posted on 3/17/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Application Support Engineer

An Application Support Engineer is needed for 6-9 months for a client in Chicago, IL. This person will support websites, back-end processes, integrations to partner systems, and provide the business with on-demand ad-hoc data request and analysis. Candidate must have 3 years of experience in supporting internet applications and have a working understanding of current
development languages and standards like HTML5, Java, CSS, XML, and SOAP/REST.

This position was posted on 3/19/2014. Click Here for more details!


Need more information? View all of our open IT contract positions by visiting our Job Seekers page!

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View York Solutions Jobs of the Week

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

Position: Project Manager SAP/ Cutover/ Release

A client is seeking a Project Manager SAP/ Cutover/ Release manger for a 6-9 month contract located in Brooklyn Park, MN. This person will need to be able to coordinate/manage the client’s agile marketing and other release cycles.

This position was posted on 3/10/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Sr. Business Analyst

A client in Minneapolis, MN is looking for a Business Analyst in the healthcare industry. This candidate will have at least 8 years of experience working in large, complex organizations and has worked with business stakeholders to gather and complete artifacts. This person preferably
has at least 2 years in healthcare experience, Project Management experience, and claims processing knowledge.   

This position was posted on 3/12/2014. Click Here for more details!


Want to know more? View all of our open IT contract positions by visiting our Job Seekers page!

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The 5 Great Myths of Information Technology Professionals

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Mar 4, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

Nerd. Loner. Computer geek. When people think of someone working in the information technology field, at least one of those terms often comes to mind. While some people might fit this stereotype, the majority do not. Here is a list of some of the most common myths about IT professionals.


Lack of Social Skills - Movies and television shows have played a large part in shaping one’s impression of an IT professional’s demeanor. They always portray people who are by themselves and go home to play computer games all night. 

In reality, it is quite the contrary. IT professionals regularly interact with many different people. Since IT is needed in all types of businesses, most IT professionals have worked with diverse clients and need to know how to communicate with all backgrounds to complete jobs.

  • Writing Code is All They Do - While some people in this profession sit at a computer all day long and write code, not everyone does. Testers, business analysts, project managers, team leaders and technical writers are just a few professions that do not involve writing code!
  • There is a Mythical Career Path You Must Take - First, get a degree or certification. Then, get hired as a level 1 tech support. Move up to level 2 and 3. Next, become a network or system administrator. Actually, there is no clear, linear path for IT professionals to reach the top. Most careers do not have such a straight line path to success. The ability to adapt and pursue new opportunities is more important than what title you hold.
  • Degrees and Certifications Prepare You for a Role in IT - While school and certifications are needed for specific professions in the IT world, not all require a degree. Being able to implement solutions will get you hired. You might need to consider internships as a way to get experience and your foot in the door.
  • You Can Fix Any Electronic Device – Yes, an IT professional’s specialty is technology; however, that does not necessarily mean they know EVERY device and how to fix it. There is a wide range of specialties within the IT industry, so that does not guarantee that all IT professionals know the same things. Some people know a lot about a lot, but that may have nothing to do with them being an IT

Do you agree with our list? What are some other misconceptions you've come across?

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See York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Feb 27, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Take a look at York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Position: Sr. Operations Analyst

Client is looking for Sr. Operations Analyst for a 6-9 month contract in Minnetonka, MN. This person will provide support in managed file transfer and Enterprise Scheduling Tools. This person should have experience with at least one of the following skills:  Enterprise Job Scheduling Tool, ETL tool (such as Informatica), and managed file transfer tool. Candidate needs a proven track record in monitoring and management of enterprise systems and will participate in planning and support for a complex operating environment that incorporates a diverse set of hardware and software platforms.

This position was posted on 2/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Sr. Desktop Engineer

A client in Minnetonka, MN is looking for a Sr. Desktop Engineer who has experience in app deployment, operating system deployment, scripting, app-v, and virtualization. This person will be responsible for performing application packaging and L3 support for COTS application software. Must have a firm understanding of Microsoft’s group policies with experience in
desktop virtualization technology and advance knowledge of Windows networking,
domains, system policies, trusts, name resolution, and advanced TCP/IP.

This position was posted on 2/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: SAP Tester

A client in St. Paul, MN is looking for a SAP Tester. This person will be doing hands-on testing and helping coordinate testing for the Record to Report process team. Candidate will coordinate, run, and validate test scripts.

This position was posted on 2/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: .Net Developer

A .Net Developer is needed for 6-9 months for a client in Minneapolis, MN. This person must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, knowledge and experience in web-based development, and at least 1-2 years with .NET 4.5 and C#. This person must have strong organizational skills, be detail oriented, have the ability to work independently and as a team member, and be able to perform a leadership role on a team.

This position was posted on 2/27/2014. Click Here
for more details!


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