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Meet York Solutions Employee- Brandi Will

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Mar 25, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

At York, getting to know our employees is the best way to understand who we are. This week, we would like for you to get to know Brandi Will, Director of Marketing for York Solutions and Executive Director for Think IT.


Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

BrandiWillMy current role is a dual role as the Director of Marketing for York Solutions and the Executive Director for Think IT Association.  For York Solutions, I am always looking for ways to ensure
we are constantly providing value to our clients, consultants, and members of Think IT.  Additionally, I am charged with budgeting, staffing, and execution of all our Think IT programs and helping to expand what we’ve currently built in the Twin Cities to the Chicago and St. Louis markets.  I have worked for York Solutions since 2003, and I began working for Think IT
in early 2011.  It has been extremely rewarding to watch the groups blossom from starting with just 2 groups to our current 8.  

Where did you go to school at? 

I attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA.  I received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.  Go Hawks!

What drew you to York Solutions? 

I was drawn to York Solutions right away by the friendly people, flexible work environment, and family-oriented culture.  No matter where you start here at York, if you work hard and continually show that you can add value to the organization, you will succeed.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since working here? 

I would say my biggest accomplishmentto date has been organizing and structuring Think IT to what it is today, including building a wonderful team of people that accomplishes great results
for both York and Think IT.

Why do you like coming to work every day?

Working at York is like being a mechanic and working on a car while you’re driving down the highway at 70 mph, and for some crazy reason that excites me!  I also truly enjoy the people I work with and I’m passionate about seeing what we’ve built turn into something special.  Another reason is our unique culture. We’re a work hard, play hard type of organization
where everyone understands the importance of driving results, but we make the entire process fun!

Who has influenced you the most, either professionally or personally?  

Many people have influenced me along the way, but most recently, Dr. Arnold Bacigalupo, our organizational development guru, has really helped me to navigate the path to leadership. 
Personally, I would have to say my family. Every day they motivate me to be a better mother, a better wife, and a better person in general.

How do you spend your time outside of the office? 

With my husband and two small children. We like to go for family walks, trips to the park, and will soon be getting into ballet and t-ball.


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The 5 Great Myths of Information Technology Professionals

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Mar 4, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

Nerd. Loner. Computer geek. When people think of someone working in the information technology field, at least one of those terms often comes to mind. While some people might fit this stereotype, the majority do not. Here is a list of some of the most common myths about IT professionals.


describe the imageLack of Social Skills - Movies and television shows have played a large part in shaping one’s impression of an IT professional’s demeanor. They always portray people who are by themselves and go home to play computer games all night. 

In reality, it is quite the contrary. IT professionals regularly interact with many different people. Since IT is needed in all types of businesses, most IT professionals have worked with diverse clients and need to know how to communicate with all backgrounds to complete jobs.


  • Writing Code is All They Do - While some people in this profession sit at a computer all day long and write code, not everyone does. Testers, business analysts, project managers, team leaders and technical writers are just a few professions that do not involve writing code!


  • There is a Mythical Career Path You Must Take - First, get a degree or certification. Then, get hired as a level 1 tech support. Move up to level 2 and 3. Next, become a network or system administrator. Actually, there is no clear, linear path for IT professionals to reach the top. Most careers do not have such a straight line path to success. The ability to adapt and pursue new opportunities is more important than what title you hold.


  • Degrees and Certifications Prepare You for a Role in IT - While school and certifications are needed for specific professions in the IT world, not all require a degree. Being able to implement solutions will get you hired. You might need to consider internships as a way to get experience and your foot in the door.


  • You Can Fix Any Electronic Device – Yes, an IT professional’s default fixing an electronic devicespecialty is technology; however, that does not necessarily mean they know EVERY device and how to fix it. There is a wide range of specialties within the IT industry, so that does not guarantee that all IT professionals know the same things. Some people know a lot about a lot, but that may have nothing to do with them being an IT

Do you agree with our list? What are some other misconceptions you've come across?

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See York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Feb 27, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Take a look at York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Position: Sr. Operations Analyst

Client is looking for Sr. Operations Analyst for a 6-9 month contract in Minnetonka, MN. This describe the imageperson will provide support in managed file transfer and Enterprise Scheduling Tools. This person should have experience with at least one of the following skills:  Enterprise Job Scheduling Tool, ETL tool (such as Informatica), and managed file transfer tool. Candidate needs a proven track record in monitoring and management of enterprise systems and will participate in planning and support for a complex operating environment that incorporates a diverse set of hardware and software platforms.

This position was posted on 2/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Sr. Desktop Engineer

A client in Minnetonka, MN is looking for a Sr. Desktop Engineer who has experience in app deployment, operating system deployment, scripting, app-v, and virtualization. This person will be responsible for performing application packaging and L3 support for COTS application software. Must have a firm understanding of Microsoft’s group policies with experience in
desktop virtualization technology and advance knowledge of Windows networking,
domains, system policies, trusts, name resolution, and advanced TCP/IP.

This position was posted on 2/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: SAP Tester

A client in St. Paul, MN is looking for a SAP Tester. This person will be doing hands-on testing and helping coordinate testing for the Record to Report process team. Candidate will coordinate, run, and validate test scripts.

This position was posted on 2/25/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: .Net Developer

A .Net Developer is needed for 6-9 months for a client in Minneapolis, MN. This person must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, knowledge and experience in web-based development, and at least 1-2 years with .NET 4.5 and C#. This person must have strong organizational skills, be detail oriented, have the ability to work independently and as a team member, and be able to perform a leadership role on a team.

This position was posted on 2/27/2014. Click Here
for more details!


Interested? View all of our open IT contract positions by visiting our Job Seekers page!

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Meet York Solutions Employee: Bryan Binstock

Posted by Danielle Toste on Tue, Feb 18, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Knowing the people of our company is important in understanding us and our culture. So this week, we would like for you to get to know Bryan Binstock, Principal Consultant at York

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

I initially started as a Principal Consultant with a client of York.  My responsibilities included Bryan Binstockworking with the current consultants by creating a ‘York’ culture within the client culture, as well as to expand the York presence within the client.  At the end of 2014, my
role changed to be more focused on expanding the York presence through adding
incremental value to new departments.  I am also the on-site Think IT contact for ALL resources, including employees and consultants from other firms.  With the help of Jim Spinner and Jim Hanselman, we have expanded both the York and Think IT presence within the company, and will continue to do so in the coming months and years!

Where did you go to school at?

DeVry Institute in Kansas City, MO – graduating with a BS is Computer Information Systems (CIS)

What drew you to York Solutions?

I was initially introduced to York Solutions through Think IT.  I had just relocated back to the Twin Cities, after spending the last 17 years working for American Express in Phoenix, AZ.  I started my career as a developer and then moved into more of a capability architect
capacity.  When I started looking for my next career move, I knew I really didn’t want to continue doing what I had been doing before.  I wanted to be in more of a customer facing role, more in line with sales or account management. 

When I came into the York/Think IT office, I met with a number of great people including Trevor Matthies and Andrew Knutson.  I told them what I had done in the past, but then I said ‘I want to do what you guys do…account management’.  From there, the conversations/interviews continued with senior management and resulted in us collectively defining my position of Principal Consultant. While going through this process, I was attracted to the energy and youthfulness at York, as well as the ‘non-corporate’, yet professional feel at the office!  I also liked the lack of bureaucracy and politics in making quick decisions, especially after coming from a very corporate environment.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since working here?

I would say expanding the York presence at our client through strengthening existing and establishing new relationships with key leaders across the organization.

Why do you like coming to work every day?

Every day is different!  Between the time I spend on site at the client and York, I thoroughly enjoy engaging with different people throughout the day!  The conversations with people regarding such a variety of topics changes every day!  The opportunity to truly help people
grow in their careers through York and Think IT is very empowering and rewarding.

Who has influenced you the most, either professionally or personally?

Professionally, I would say it has been most of the leaders I have worked with and for over the years!  Specifically, I would say my first manager at American Express, Fred Wadlow, was one of my biggest mentors, leading by example and challenging me to become a better leader.  Personally, I am inspired and influenced by my wife Bridget and 3 kids; Nathan, Melissa and
Matthew!  They have always been supportive, especially during times of transitions into new career choices over the years!

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

With my family!  Between travel basketball, club soccer and other activities, nights and weekends are kept very busy!  When I do have time, I enjoy golfing in the summer and playing hockey in the winter.  I also spend time helping at church, volunteering with numerous
charities, sitting on the BOD with 4p- Support Group, along with a number of things. I also love to travel, especially to warmer places in the winter now that I don’t live in Arizona anymore!

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See York Solutions Jobs of the Week!

Posted by Danielle Toste on Thu, Feb 6, 2014 @ 08:02 AM

Position: Sr. Business Intelligence Developer

Client is looking for a local candidate in St. Louis, MO. This person will be responsible for designing, developing, and supporting reporting solutions. The candidate will participate in data architecture sessions and collaborates to design and implement optimal data staging. Must
have two year of technical experience working with Business Intelligence reporting, SQL/PL/SQL development, and be self-motivated.

This position was posted on 1/3/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: SharePoint Developer

A top client in Minneapolis, MN is looking for an individual with strong and current experience as a SharePoint developer/designer. Candidate must have proven record with SharePoint,
developing web based solutions on a SharePoint platform, excellent communication skills, and be a team player.

This position was posted on 2/3/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: BizTalk Developer

A client in Minneapolis, MN is looking for a candidate who has current experience as a BizTalk developer and preferably has strong SQL Server experience including SSIS, SQL Server, and SSRS.

This position was posted on 2/3/2014. Click Here for more details!

Position: Information Security Consultant

An Information Security Consultatnt is needed for a 9+ months for a client in Eagen, MN. This person must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, 5 years of IT security experience or 12 years of experience in lieu of a degree. Candidate will be responsible for developing and maintain the overall information security program and is responsible for
the information security infrastructure.

This position was posted on 2/4/2014. Click Here for more details!!


Want to know more? View all of our open IT contract positions by visiting our Job Seekers page!

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York Consultant Profile: Jake Olson

Posted by Madeline Stone on Tue, Aug 6, 2013 @ 09:08 AM

We're proud of our awesome consultants--and we want to share them with you! We're compiling some profiles of York consultants to give you a snapshot of the dynamic folks behind York's success. Know someone who ought to be featured? Drop us a line and let us know! 

consultant profile jake resized 600Jake Olson is a recent addition to York, having started with us a few months ago. He's been a great addition to the team, and he gave us his thoughtful and insightful perspectives on his work, his background, and handling challenges every day. Read on to meet Jake:  


First—tell us about yourself! How long have you been in IT? Where and what did you study? Any certifications or advanced degrees? Any plans for some in the future?

I have been in IT for over two and a half years.  I attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and double majored in Accounting and Finance.  I received my Bachelors in Business Administration in May of 2010 from Eau Claire. 

After jumping around a few accounting jobs, I started my first SAP role in January of 2011.  I plan to get an MBA and possibly an auditing certification in the future.

What attracted you to IT in the first place? What keeps you interested?

Well, through some of my technology accounting courses during college, I realized the importance and advantage of having an IT background to go along with accounting knowledge.  However, I had this realization in my last year of school, and was unable to take additional IT classes. 

I will say that when I interviewed for and accepted my first IT position (SAP controls analyst), I was apprehensive as to how quickly and effectively I could learn the technical side of SAP.  After the first few tough months, I began to enjoy all of the day-to-day challenges, tests, and learning. 

I believe that the continued learning, need for effective problem solving skills, and variety of work are what keep me interested in IT today.

Biggest challenge of being an IT professional? How do you handle it?

My lack of a formal IT background.  I handle it by asking a lot of questions, and learning through trial and error.

The most rewarding part of being an IT professional?

The satisfaction you get when solving issues.  Also, knowing that what you build or create will possibly be used by hundreds thousands of people in a company!

Any tips or advice for folks who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Don't be afraid of going into IT if you don't have a degree or formal background in it.  Although it is not for everyone, if you enjoy problem solving, having different experiences every day, it is a very rewarding career.


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